Iceland : Recognized partnership
law, 1996


1065 years since founding the Parliament
120th legislative assembly

564th Bill
On the recognized partnership


Two persons of the same sex can contract a recognized partnership.


What is provided in the Part II of the Marriage Act on the legal prerequisites of marriage shall apply to this Act, as well. However, see subsection 2. A recognized partnership can only be contracted if at least one of the parties is a citizen of Iceland and is domiciled in Iceland.


Before a partnership is officially recognized, both parties are to certify that the prerequisites of such a partnership are fulfilled. Part III of the Marriage Act regulates the certification. The Minister of Justice shall issue more precise instructions on the certification.


The contracting of such partnerships are to be carried out by heads of a police district or their representatives with a juridical education. Paragraps 21 - 26 of the Marriage Acts regulate how certificates are to be issued.


Persons living in a recognized partnership are to enjoy the same rights as those in a marriage with the exception of what is said in subsection 6. What is said on marriage and legally married spouses in the legislation in force applies to the parties of a partnership, too.


The subsections on adoption in the Marriage Act shall not apply to the parties of a partnersip. Regulations on who are entitled to artificial conception shall not apply to the recognized partnership. What the law says on the sex of a legally wedded spouse shall not apply to the recognized partnership. What is provided in the international agreements, signed by the Republic of Iceland, shall not apply to the recognized partnership unless all parties to the agreement approve of it.


A recognized partnership is deemed having ended at the death of one of the partners, in the case of cancellation or divorce.


The regulations on cancellation, divorce and division of property in the Marriage Act shall apply to the recognized partnership, however, with regard to subsections 2 and 3. Otherwise, what is regulated upon the end of a marriage and its legal entailments shall apply to the partnership, too. Despite what is said in subsection 1 of Section 114, it is always possible to proceed with a charge in an Icelandec court on the basis of Section 113, if the partnership has been recognized in Iceland. Despite what is said in Subsection 1 of Section 123 of the Marriage Act, an Icelandic court is always entitled to solve issues pertaining to partnerships recognized in this country.


These Acts are enacted on 1 July 1996.

Translation from Finnish to English is made by Mr. Mika Vepsalainen. This translation is made from the Finnish text, translated from Icelandic by Steinunn Gudmundsdottir.

The original wording of the Act is using expression "confirmed living together", where "recognized partnership" is used in this translation.

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